Dominion Test Instruments (DTi) specializes in the manufacture of test equipment & accessories for the Broadcast, Satellite, Wireless, RFID, CATV & Military markets.
Manufaturer of remote carrier monitors, Dominion Test Instruments specializes in the manufacture of test equipment & accessories for the Broadcast, Satellite, Wireless, RFID, CATV & Military markets.
Remote Carrier Monitor ManufacturerRemote Carrier Monitor manufacturer, Dominion Test Instruments (a Satellite Systems Corporation company), was founded in 1980. We have 28 years experience in the satellite industry in satellite earth station installation, integration, and equipment manufacturing. Currently, we manufacture a full suite of Remote Carrier Monitors, Beacon Tracking Receivers, Frequency Converters, RF & Redundancy Switch products, Antenna Control systems, additional Remote Carrier Monitor products and other satcom products used throughout the industry.

Remote Carrier Monitors
Model RCM-2300C - 1 MHz - 2500 MHz Carrier Monitor : The RCM-2300C is the perfect solution for easy remote monitoring of carriers. (1 MHz to 2500 MHz) The Model 2300C monitors include the latest digital technology incorporating our new digisweep RF engine. The RCM-2300C is monitored in real time from a central location on your network, using a standard PC.

Model RCM-2150C - L-Band Satellite Monitor, 900 - 2200MHz : The RCM-2150C is the perfect solution for remote monitoring of your L-Band satellite carriers. Whether you are using the RCM-2150C for setting up and aligning your antenna or monitoring your carrier, the RCM-2150C reduces personnel costs associated with verifying your carrier in local or remote areas.

Model RCM-1000BAS - COFDM Carrier Monitor, 70MHz, 815 MHz and 900 MHz NEXTEL BAS Relocation: The RCM-1000BAS product has been specifically designed to make your next ENG shot a success and help eliminate the guess work. With the new COFDM technology there are several hurdles that can make the difference between making an ENG shot or missing one.

Model RCM-1000C - The Model RCM 1000C IF/RF Carrier Monitor 1 MHz to 1200 MHz: The RCM-1000C is a wideband spectrum monitor designed to be used in a variety of applications. The RCM-1000C is a practical solution for remote monitoring any IF or RF signal from 1 to 1200 MHz. This design has a span width control to allow the operator to monitor the entire band from 1 MHz to 1200 MHz. The RCM-1000C has a user friendly database that allows the operator to store or recall unlimited carrier monitor settings.
Remote Signal Generator
Model RSG-2500 - L-band RF GENERATOR: The Model RSG-2500 is an affordable RF Signal generator that can be used at remote sites to inject a test frequency into a signal chain thus allowing remote debugging capability. Features like internet control, variable frequency, output level, and an optional multi-way switch allows the unit to inject the signal into various signal paths. All controls are made via Remote Control over the Ethernet based port.

Switching Station
Model D2708 - L-band RF SWITCH: The Model Model D2708 Switching Station is an affordable RF switch that can control a single L-band signal to either one of eight output channels, or select one of eight L-band signals to a single output channel. In either configuration all outputs can be muted. RF controls are accomplished via Remote Control using Ethernet or (optional RS-232). Control GUI included.

Switchable Block Downconverter
Model D4841 - L / C / Ku-band Downconverter Conversion Station: Model D4841 is an affordable switchable Block Downconverter for both C-band and full global Ku-bands, as well as a pass-thru path for L-band. The unit contains integral RF routing. Simply enter the desired Frequency via the Remote Control GUI, and the appropriate conversion is selected and routed to the L-band output jack on the rear panel. An option is available to integrate with a DTi Remote Carrier L band Monitor. In this mode, the Remote carrier monitor serial control cable is connected to the Conversion Station, thus allowing the customer to simply enter the desired L-, C-, or Ku-band frequency, and the Remote Carrier Monitor will automatically tune and display the selected input frequency.

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